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Coverage Map

What markets does TIER 1 operate in?

The markets that TIER 1 currently operates in are highlighted in blue on the coverage map below. These are TIER 1's live markets where we offer solar installations and additional clean energy solutions including battery storage and EV chargers. We are constantly growing into new markets, and you can find out which markets we are in below. 











New Market Expansion


What markets is going to launch next?

Several factors go into launching a new market and expanding into new states, primarily dependent on whether there is a true financial benefit to homeowners. When state regulations and policies are in place to support solar, and utility bills are high enough that solar will offer value, We will pursue these favorable markets.

When we are ready to launch as a General Contractor in a new market, we will announce those plans here.

Install Map


Where are Our installations? How many installs have we completed?

Below is a map of our installations nationwide (updated May 2023).

We have completed over 24,000 installations nationwide (updated July 2023).

Use this image to show homeowners how many of their neighbors we have helped go solar. You can find a screenshot of each market on the respective Market Spotlight page (links above). 





















Service Area Changes

Why don't we install solar in _______?

We are constantly finding ways to provide the best possible service to you and your customers. To ensure we're able to focus on execution and installation, we work only in areas where we can confidently meet our Promise:

Providing customers with both the value and quality that meets our company's standards.

We work hard to expand our coverage to as many areas as possible, but occasionally we must refine our coverage area and suspend coverage if we determine that we cannot continue to execute with excellence. As a result of these changes, certain zip codes may be removed from our coverage maps. When our service area is updated you will receive an announcement by email.

For a current and complete view of the coverage area in all of our active markets, you can visit the coverage map to see our live and updated market coverage. For a more detailed view, each Market Spotlight Page includes an embedded territory map that is automatically updated with the zip codes that we are operating in and will always show the most current view of our coverage area.

There are specific coverage areas for each state. Please see each specific Market Spotlight page for more information. Zip codes serviced by tier 1 & POWUR are updated in the live maps and on the platform.

Arizona                                   Illinois                                    Pennsylvania
California                                Massachusetts                      Puerto Rico
Colorado                                 Maryland                               South Carolina
Connecticut                            North Carolina                       Texas
Delaware                                New Jersey                           Utah
Florida                                     New Mexico                          Virginia
Hawaii                                     Nevada                                 West Virginia
Idaho                                      Ohio

Links to Solar Market Spotlights

Full  solar install Map - USA
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