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What is Powur Care?

Powur Care is a 30-year limited warranty offering complete protection for Powur customers. Powur Care covers equipment, installation workmanship quality, and roof penetration integrity, supplementing standard solar manufacturer warranties to further support our customers.

With nationwide coverage, no deductibles, 100% parts and labor coverage, and 30 years of protection, you have all the features you’ve previously received in a solar warranty but are now FULLY backed by the Powur brand and its strong and growing balance sheet. Plus, with fast and painless in-house claims processing and customer support, you can rest assured this is THE industry-leading warranty for your customers.

Unlike third-party alternatives, Powur Care delivers the protection and assurance our customers desire and deserve, consolidating all warranty operations under the Powur brand.

30 Year Powur Care Solar Warranty

Why Powur Care?

Why did Powur create Powur Care?

To put it simply, Powur Care was created in order to bring additional benefits to our homeowners and sellers that third-party warranty providers can't provide. As soon as it was feasible to have our own warranty program we developed Powur Care to provide additional benefits to our customers. Here's why we did it:

  • No one cares about our customers the way we will. We want to be in the driver’s seat in ensuring a customer’s issue is resolved as quickly as possible. With Powur Care, the claims process is more streamlined which means we are in a much better position to resolve the customer’s concerns quickly and efficiently.

  • Reduced risk. With Powur managing the cash reserves in a separate legal entity, we ensure the long-term ability to support our homeowners’ warranty.

  • Future value-added features. Just as we regularly enhance and innovate our platform, we plan to seek feedback from our users and innovate our warranty offering, adding the right features for our customers. Things we are already looking at as part of our roadmap include 24/7 monitoring and proactive service of systems.

  • This is a natural extension of our platform. Much like the Powur platform enables our labor partners to provide a professional and 5-star-rated experience through installation and PTO, we want that same platform to enable and provide a professional experience in tandem with the appropriate labor partners post-contract.

  • We are ready for expansion. The future of the Powur platform goes well beyond solar. We are already expanding into roofing and actively exploring other product categories that make sense for our homeowners and sellers. Launching an in-house warranty program means we can evaluate warranty programs for Powur’s product extensions in the future, including bundled options that make sense for your customers.

Powur Care Frequently Asked Questions

What does Powur Care cover?

Powur Care provides comprehensive coverage for panels and inverters, installation workmanship errors, and roof penetration integrity for 30 years. This includes the replacement of parts and labor for all covered defects, leaving your homeowners with peace of mind their solar investment is protected. Powur Care has nationwide coverage, no deductibles, and is fully transferable. You can find more details on the exact coverage here.

What’s not included?

Just like Solar Insure or most other limited warranties, Powur Care does not cover weather-related issues or typical wear and tear, which may be covered by a homeowners insurance policy or a separate roofing warranty. Your homeowner should consult with their homeowner's insurance or roofing terms for more details. In addition, Powur Care does not provide coverage for battery equipment today, but we expect to add that soon. Other exclusions include damage caused by abuse, misuse, third-party removal, or repair of covered components. For more details on what’s covered and excluded, click here.

How does Powur Care benefit homeowners?

Powur Care removes the need for a warranty middleman. By providing warranty services by Powur itself, homeowners can work with a partner they already know and trust to resolve any necessary repairs or issues. They’ll get engaging customer service through that claims process, with ongoing communication on progress. There is also additional long-term security in Powur being in control of a dedicated entity setting aside cash reserves to fulfill this promise. Plus, the warranty is transferable between owners, creating a compelling benefit to a homebuyer if/when the original owner decides to sell the home on which the solar panels are installed.

What happens to my existing Solar Insure customers?

Nothing! All homeowners who purchased Solar Insure will continue to be covered under Solar Insure, which is still a trusted warranty provider.

When will Powur Care be available?

Starting August 1, 2022, ALL new proposals created will have Powur Care as the only available warranty.

To make the transition period as smooth as possible, we will not make any changes to proposals created in the 30 days prior to when Powur Care goes live. If you had previously selected Solar Insure, it will remain selected. You will have the option to replace it with Powur Care and request a proposal revision to include Powur Care, or to keep it as-is.

How will claims be handled?

Powur Care customers will receive a welcome email and information detailing their coverage and the claims process.

Powur pledges to provide engaged customer support throughout the claims process, from identifying issues to resolving them with consistent communication between the claimant and Powur. Homeowners can transfer the warranty between owners if they move, creating compelling value for the buyer. The warranty is valid throughout the United States.

Does a third party back Powur Care?

No, but Powur Care is being run as a separate entity to Powur: Powur Financial Services, LLC. In the event Powur becomes insolvent or otherwise goes out of business, Powur Care warranties will still be honored, as the warranty financing is maintained outside of Powur PBC.

Additionally, as Powur has grown, our business has become increasingly strong. We are deeply confident in our current balance sheet, the scalability of our business model, and our own long-term financial viability and success. Oftentimes, third-party backing can be more window dressing than substance, whereas we know our financials and are confident in our long-term ability to support our homeowners better than any third party could now and in the future.

Does Powur Care offer proactive monitoring?

Not yet, but we’re always looking for ways to provide value-added services for our customers and this feature is definitely on our radar.

Does Powur Care cover everything Solar Insure used to cover?

Yes and more. Because Powur Care is our own service, we are able to better control all the coverage features, homeowner protections, and superior service provided to customers. Powur Care provides all the basic coverage originally offered by Solar Insure. You can find more detail on the exact coverage here, but here is an easy chart for reference:

Solar Insure vs Powur Care Comparison chart
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